Each Truthian author and artist comes from one of our tales, even if it’s one we haven’t shared with you yet. Each and every one has a 'real' name and identity, but that isn’t all that important here. The usename is what you'll be looking at here, they will share the stories of who they are and you'll find that the name each chooses is a statement. For each child of Truth finds his or her own name and identity.

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Windfall is an obsidian alicorn. Born in an unnamed world where magicals are Unseen, she wandered the world. With a love of life and gentle heart she helped all those in need. It was not until much later she gained her trademark shape shifting abilities. Learning to don a human form she lived many lifetimes before discovering Truth.

LingDar (Darkling)

King of Truth, and twin to KirDar the Queen of Truth, this powerful being is most often incarnated as a half elven man with bright blue eyes and dark hair. LingDar came into consciousness with both great power and responsibility. Since that day he has endeavored to see the furthest reaches of the Multiverse.

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KirDar (Darkfire)

Queen of Truth, LingDar's twin sister is most often incarnated as silver eyed, dark haired half elven woman. KirDar was birthed in flame, with her shape changing abilities she was the first Truthian Dragon. With her brother she explores the multiverses of human imagination.