Megan Kane

Megan Kane

It all started ...

Over 10 years ago when Megan worked with a friend from the Young Writer's Guild, an online community, decided to write "Starstruck: A Dragon's Tale".

At the time they looked into options for how to publish and did not get anywhere, no publishing firm wanted to look at the fun children's story written by a pair of teenagers. So Starstruck was saved on a floppy that was lost and the only surviving copy lived as an email attachment on yahoo's servers, forgotten.

Until 2016.

After reading an article on self publishing children's books, Megan dug up the old email, downloaded the old file, and reviewed the story. With a few edits the text was ready. Reaching out through Fiverr.com Megan found an artist for help turning her sketches into artwork. While the artwork was being created Megan pulled out another short story, and went through the same process. By August "Orphan Mage: Wren" was available online. To honor the birthplace of the idea Megan chose to use her username from the Young Writer's Guild as her nom de plume. "Starstruck: A Dragons's Tale" was published in January 2017.  On the anniversary of reading the self publishing article "Creepifying Necros" a book full of Megan's own illustrations was released on Amazon.

Today Megan is looking to collaborate with other authors and artists who want to share their art and creativity with the world.