Check out the free to play demo games created by Truthian in conjunction with BDK create.

Flying Whi:

It's a  short fun game, that allows for hosted multiplayer. Download to play by yourself or with up to 3 friends! In it you enter the remains of an ancient magical flight school where you learn to fly! For more information and to download the game check out our page.

History 205 Exam:

Play a child who stole their brother’s time jumper, or simple race against a friend for who can collect the most time crystals! To learn more or play check it out on BDK Create’s page.


Storytelling is a long and time honored tradition. Truthian storytellers like to tell stories with substance and meaning added on top of the fun story they're sharing. While we've only started we have a whole lot more stories were these came from!

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Creepifying Necros

Status: Published on Amazon

Authors: Windfall and Darkling

Description: What will happen when a Journeyman Necromancer on a quest to find an ancient evil runs into an untrained young necromancer running for her life? Hilarity, I assure you. Join Lavin and Kay as they argue their way across a Pangaea, trying not to let others know they’re necromancers - they don’t actually want to die you know.

Starstruck: A Dragon’s Tale

Status: Published on Smashwords & Amazon 

Author: Windfall

Illustrators: Mia CHANT and Windfall

Once upon a time a dragon hatched in the human realm. Raised then forgotten by his human, the young dragon set out on a quest to find his true home - the Dragon Lands!

Orphan Mage: Wren

Status: Published on Amazon!

Author: Windfall

Illustrator: Stephanie Parcus

In a land once ruled by mages, magic is forbidden. They pass on their lore and skills in secret. Follow Wren from her humble beginnings as a thief and orphan to a life in the noble house of Clsan full of magic, swordplay, secrets, and surprises.

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