The Unbridgeable Divide by LingDar

The Unbridgeable Divide




The Unbridgeable Divide

While a casual analysis shows the political landscape as a spectrum it goes far deeper with most falling somewhere in between with vast swaths fairly agnostic on most issues. You will also notice that the pure(blue and red) are not the extremes but in closer to center left and right. Because the majority who fall into our political parties are NOT extremists. The extremes are less pure from a party perspective.

You can see both parties are forked with a large blue fork diving into extremes and a red fork diving into blue territory. Even in the party purists there are divides on issues.

In total the picture is moving in the blue direction if slowly progress happens even on the extreme conservative side.

While I call this the unbridgeable divide there is a bridge forming it’s not quite fully connected but it’s close. Are we getting closer to fully bridging or will this bridge shift and fail?