Golden Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing!

The Moon Landing!

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Moon landing, we’ve put together this collection celebrating all of Apollo. In these last few months leading up to July 20 Truthian is releasing of a whole range of celebratory souvenirs.

The whole project started when I wanted to get some collectibles to celebrate the anniversary myself. Only to find that what I wanted didn’t exist. The frustration only lasted a few minutes. My problem solving mode started up and I decided that if what I was looking for didn’t exist, we could make it at Truthian.

Of course, making new items is a lot of work, so we’re starting with the manned Apollo mission patches and basic merchandise like t-shirts and hoodies. Don’t see what you want, let us know!

Just to give you a hint on what’s coming, we’re currently working on custom 3D models of the Saturn V, lunar landing, command module, and all that fun stuff! So keep your eyes open for updates in the coming in a few weeks. 

We are working on ideas for celebrating the mission throughout July 16-24 which we will announce later. 
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